Making Horizontal Space USEABLE

“Being in a highly regulated industry creates demands that might not occur in all businesses. Occasionally the paperwork requirements increase enormously. I needed a larger office or more horizontal space. When I presented this dilemma to Denise Davis she tackled it methodically using the requirements that I put on the project. She did a phenomenal job of making my office look very professional and created even extra space. All was accomplished on what I consider a reasonable budget. It is without reservation that I would highly recommend Effective Organizing Solutions. If you would like to see the project or just chat about what was conducted please feel free to call me.”

– Eileen K.
Colorado Springs, CO.

An Empty Nester Reclaims Her Space

“After 17 years in my home, two kids who are now grown and on their own, I was ready to “reclaim” my space. Denise came in and not only helped me organize my kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, but helped me purge items that were no longer needed or had never been used. My home now feels like my castle. I love having people over and enjoy watching their expressions as they comment on my home and the positive energy that overflows from it! The change has renewed my excitement for my home.”

– Dana W., High School Counselor,
Kihei, HI

Life Changing Organization

“I absolutely love Denise’s energetic and creative techniques! Thanks to Denise, I now have practical, time saving tips while I am not only working in my office, but while I am out and about in my car and on the go. I now keep a pencil in my car for my organizer and have gained an additional 15 minutes to my work day simply by following a few gems of organization she shared! I would highly recommend Denise and will work with her again and again!”

– Jordan Davis, CEO, Socially Exceptional

Perpetually Organized Office

“This is the second time I have used Denise Davis’ services to help me become better organized. The first visit was an overhaul of the office and this time was to fine tune some processes. Denise is super organized and has a firm but gentle way of leading you through the process. She comes ready to work with various “tools” (boxes, folders, etc.) and works continuously throughout the session. The difference in my office after her first session was simply amazing. I am able to find things easier, items all have a ‘home’, and having the office less cluttered helps my head to be less cluttered and I can focus on what needs to be done. I will continue to use her services on an on-going basis. I have worked with other professional organizers and consider her the best in the business.”

– Brandon Kirk, Owner Hydro Clean,
Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Identifying Barriers and Breaking Through Them

“Denise is an exceptional partner in the area of organizing, through maximizing my own success habits. She diligently worked with me to identify the barriers that exist and gave me the tools to get past those barriers. Denise is meticulous with her follow-up, and has been flexible with my schedule to help me achieve my goals. My business has turned the corner to success thanks to Denise!”

– Sue Hippe, Sales Coordinator,
Juice Plus

Clients Now WELCOME in My Office

“After 32 years in business I finally have “my office back”!! For years I have had a “work office” which was messy and a conference room where I would meet my clients. Now I have the luxury of using both spaces. Denise was wonderful to work with. I am very proud of my office and now prefer to have clients come to my “clean, organized space” as opposed to the conference room. Sure wish I would have met Denise years ago. My staff almost fainted after seeing the transformation. I highly recommend Denise if you “want your office back” .

– Dean S., Business Owner,
Colorado Springs

A Miraculous Transformation

“I suppose the fact that I am now being referred to as ‘Denise’s poster child’ should give you an indication of how much I needed her help! We worked together for nine hours and made a miraculous transformation in my office. The best part is know it has been over a month since she was here and things are still relatively organized! She comes ready to work, willing to listen to what will/won’t work for you and has great ideas of how to better get a handle on everything on your desk. I highly recommend her and will definitely refer her and use her again in the future…you should see my garage!!”

– Liz Anderson, Owner
Proforma Peak Marketing,
Colorado Springs

Manageable Systems for Paperwork

“Denise helped me get a handle on the overload of paperwork that comes across my desk day in and day out. I was able to sort it into a manageable system that makes it more likely I’ll maintain the organization and say good-bye to the paper chaos. She definitely helped customize it to fit my needs and working style and even used solutions that I already have my office. Thanks!”

– Andrea Trout, President,
The Legacy Group,
Colorado Springs

Better Time Management

“Denise is a dedicated, knowledgeable, trustworthy business lady. She is very efficient and understands the business mindset. She has very creative ideas for organizing an office, providing time-management skills, and creating out-of-the-box ideas. Her passion for organization even inspired me to try some new, innovative ideas that she provided. What an inspiration!”

– Janice Randolph, Executive Consultant
Rodan + Fields

Seeing the Top of Her Desk Again!

“I hired Denise to help organize my office at Maid to Shine. It was the best thing I did! Denise was able to think outside the box and create me a great filing system so I could see my desk! She also had many tricks that save me lots of time! I would highly recommend her services.”

– Krista B, President,
Maid to Shine

Laughing all the way

“There are some of us who just don’t complete tasks which means we clutter and don’t put things away. Denise worked with me for several sessions to go from overwhelming and a cave to light and order! She is the best in the business. And, she is very funny so you are ‘laughing all the way.’ ”

– Nancy Kelly, Founder and Owner
Syntrak International

Make Space Functional and Practical

“I think Denise Davis has an amazing gift of organizing. She helped me and my husband organize our whole house when we moved from California to Maui. She helped us make our house a home! She had a vision of how to make the space functional and practical. You can tell she really loves what she does and she puts her whole heart into every job! I recommend her 100%!” .

– Dana Wapner

Organize Home Office

“Denise helped me organize my home office which had me going crazy, not to mention my husband too! Now I have files that make sense and a feeling of aaaah in there. And she helped me with my art studio too, now it will look great for the Pikes Peak Studio Tour!”

– Tracy E. Miller
Fine Artist

Home Office with Processes in Place

“I have been working with Denise Davis to get my home office reorganized and set up with fail-proof processes. Denise has not only succeeded in doing that but she has helped me find ways to keep my mental state more orderly in regards to my home business. One thing I find so impressive about Denise is her sense of generosity! She has donated her time, money and efforts to several community causes that I am behind and I love working with business owners who like to give back! Denise is a delight to work with and I look forward to collaborating with her much more in the future!”

– Kathleen Saltmarsh Voss, Owner
Sip and Splatter

Mobile Office Organized

“I went into sales 20 years ago with no experience and met my mentor, Denise Davis. She took me under her wing and helped me develop a productive territory! She organized my mobile office with everything I needed to make successful sales calls… from literature and samples needed, to setting up customer files, and an effective city grid system to optimize my time. If your day consists of working out of a car… Denise will make it feel like a luxury office. She rocks!!”

– Shila W., Colorado Springs

Quick Solutions to Organizational Problems

“Denise brings 25 years of outside sales experience in which she worked in a mobile office (her car!). Her ability to organize people in unique office situations (home office, virtual office, shared space) is out-of-the-box…literally! She visited my office and within minutes gave me two great tips on how to solve two organizational problems. I recommend her for any challenges you may face with organization, productivity and increasing profitability.”

– Claire Boynton ABR, Listing & Buyer Specialist,
Blessings Realty, Monument, CO

A New Lease on Life

“Denise, I can’t thank you enough for all you’re doing to help me get out of the huge slump I’ve been in for many months!! Your keen perception of personality traits in your client is a valuable addition to your organizational skills, and has greatly enhanced our work together. Without your skilled assistance, combined with genuine warmth and empathy, I’d still be wallowing in piles of clutter and feeling totally overwhelmed and unable to move forward. You’ve managed to give me that sought-after ‘new lease on life!'”

– Phyllis B. Colorado Springs Resident

Work More Efficiently

“What a gift Effective Organizing Solutions has been to me, both personally and professionally. I grew through the process of de-cluttering, recognizing my ‘system’ of organization. Denise walked with me every step of the way, mentoring and encouraging me in understanding what works and what didn’t work for me. As a result, a system is in place that allows me to work more efficiently from task to task.”

– Mary Stoneback

Declutter Basement and Living Room / Toy Playground

“Every time I went in the basement my anxiety went through the roof!! I won a 30 minute assessment and it was so worth it! We did the basement and my living room/toy playground in two separate sessions. I feel like a new person in a new house! My husband is thrilled that it doesn’t look like Toys R US flooded our living room!! Shari was/is absolutely amazing to work with! Helped keep me on track and make it fun! Check these gals out for your decluttering needs!!”

– Amber House

Small details make a big impression!