“Wandering Attention Syndrome”

In this day and age, it’s natural to experience “Wandering Attention Syndrome”, which we call “W.A.S”. If you’ve ever found yourself saying “Now, what W.A.S. I doing…”???, you probably could benefit from our services. With technology connected to us nearly 24/7, we all have things vying to get our attention! It’s no wonder it wanders! Would you like tools to be able to:

  • Focus on what’s important to you?
  • Live with more awareness and a greater presence of mind?
  • Find what you want when you need it?
  • Keep track of important information and obtain (retrieve?) it when you want to?
  • Complete tasks in a timely fashion?
  • Arrive at your destination when you choose?
  • Keep commitments you’ve made?
  • Take action when you want and seize new opportunities when they emerge?
ADD/ADHD organizing

Small details make a big impression!