Frequently Asked Questions

We understand it’s hard to be vulnerable. We will come into your space free of judgement and with the comfort of a written agreement stating full confidentiality.

To begin the process, call or email Denise to discuss the specifics of your organizing challenges.  There is no need to do any preparation or pre-organizing prior to the start of your project.  It’s important for her to see the space just as it so she can align your space style with the plan to your environment chaos free.

Many people have lived in too much guilt for too long by not dealing with their chaos.  We all have different skills and talents.  It’s smart to seek professional help for something that is not intuitive to you.  The investment you make using a professional organizer will give you a greater reward than ever expected!

Denise will gently coach you as you evaluate your items and emotions.  As a team, you and Denise will set and clarify your specific goals and priorities before beginning the project.  By knowing where the target is, she will keep you on track by asking KEY questions to help you get to the ROOT of why you have (that particular item, that “thing”, that stuff) and you will be confident YOU are making the right decision.

Denise has a bin labeled  “Delayed Decisions”.  She wants her clients to make the RIGHT decision for THEM and sometimes that takes awhile to process through.  Prior to finishing the work session, an “expiration date” is decided upon for the Delayed Decisions box so those items will be completely processed.

That usually isn’t necessary.  Most of the time people have containers and storage systems that just aren’t being used to the fullest.  Denise will help you repurpose the items you already have or will help you shop for the PERFECT solutions!

Denise shows up FREE OF JUDGEMENT!  After all these years, she has seen EVERYTHING, and there is nothing that will surprise her.  The first step in changing and choosing to live chaos free is opening your door and letting her pour out grace upon you.

Small details make a big impression!