About Us

Denise Davis has been organizing spaces around her for over 30 years. After leaving corporate America, she opened Effective Organizing Solutions (EOS) and has been helping people live chaos free by creating unique organizing systems based on one’s time and space style.

Understanding how one interacts with time and space gives Denise the ability to design solutions that fit each individual. She frees people from organizing like a book told them to or how their super-organized best friend does it!

As opposed to cookie-cutter solutions or requiring you to develop lots of new habits, Denise will set you up for success by tailoring YOUR organizing solution to YOU and supporting those changes within the framework of YOU!

How Chaos Is Removed

When Denise works with clients in person they work side-by-side.  Her clients tell her she has an empathetic communication style and she is a pro at gently directing them to find the right answer for them!  She uses an easy to follow sorting system which classifies items into keep, toss, sell, donate.  After this part of the process is complete, we plan for permanent homes and the proper container for each item.  We evaluate the space and discover where the PRIME real estate is located and make sure we use that space for optimal functioning.

Why I do what I do?

Denise thrives on helping people live chaos free from the inside out.  She knows that most chaos starts between our ears and works its way down to our hearts, souls, homes and businesses.  This can be truly paralyzing.  She is a firm believer in clearing CHAOS, not just decluttering!  There is significant difference between the two.  She believes clutter is one of the results of living in chaos. Clutter might look like piles of paper, rooms full of boxes of stuff, file cabinets that are bulging from too much paper, piles of laundry, or a 3-car garage that can’t even fit ONE car.  Denise is certain those are the testament of the chaos INSIDE of the individual!

Effective Organizing Solutions

is a member of the Colorado Springs Executive Association and supports the Springs Rescue Mission. Denise became a Certified Professional Organizer® in 2015 through the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professional (NAPO). NAPO was established in 1985, currently has over 3,500 members, and is recognized worldwide as The Organizing Authority®.

What is a Certified Professional Organizer®?

Certified Professional Organizers (CPOs) have proven industry proficiency by demonstrating they possess the body of knowledge and experience essential to professional organizing and productivity consulting.

The CPO credential identifies professional organizers who have documented a specific number of paid hours that include transferring organizing skills to the client and passed the Board of Certification for Professional Organizers (BCPO®) examination.

The credential has elevated the professional standards of the organizing and productivity industry.

Why hire a Certified Professional Organizer®?

CPOs embody a professional ideal that includes a proven level of knowledge, an ethical approach, and requisite experience. Professional organizers who have successfully completed the steps of becoming a CPO have shown they are committed and serious about their work. By maintaining CPO status, they are demonstrating a strong commitment to ethics and education. All CPOs have agreed to adhere to the BCPO Code of Ethics for Certified Professional Organizers®

This enhances individual performance because CPOs are held accountable to the Code in more than one way. CPOs made aware of an act or omission of another CPO in violation of the Code are required to report it to the Professional Practices Committee. Complaints may also be filed by the public.

Small details make a big impression!