“Professional Organizing can help make ALL your days productive.”

Professional Organizing is the way to help you live chaos free.

Home & Home office

Home and Home Office Organizing, a traditional organizing session where we work together with you side-by-side. Creating a “Command Central” for families where everyone has access to the calendar, lists, and communication systems, as well as creating “White Space” for your creativity to flow in your Home Office.



Many people have their desks covered with papers, e-mail boxes full to overflowing, computers where documents can’t be accessed due to poor naming conventions and lack of a solid “finding” system. We can help you find your lost time by precisely managing your actions (Action Management).



Virtual organizing is similar to a traditional organizing session, only instead of working together side-by-side, we work remotely via a mobile device or webcam. If you are concerned about sensitive, classified or personal documents, then Virtual Organizing could be the ideal solution for you.



In this day and age, it’s natural to experience “Wandering Attention Syndrome”, which we call “W.A.S”. If you’ve ever found yourself saying “Now, what W.A.S. I doing…”???, you probably could benefit from our services.



Studies have shown that your environment affects your productivity. We set up devices with built-in organization to keep your workspace neat and tidy. We clean and organize E-mails to mirror physical files, archive e-documents as well as setting up standard naming conventions.


Time Management

Many people’s homes, garages, attics and basements, are full of stuff because they think they don’t know how to organize. Denise believes those are just the physical evidence of an inability to manage one’s time. By managing our actions correctly, we can enjoy more personal time.



Effective Organizing Solutions help students prepare for and stay on track throughout the school year (Unique Academic Planner included). Teaching students the importance of planning and “backward scheduling” to meet all deadlines for their assignments and tests.


Visually Impaired

Effective Organizing Solutions can help you organize your paperwork accordingly. We provide you with electronic assistance such as cell phones, computers, TV etc, as well as online shopping. We help you set up easy-to-manage pantries, closets and bathroom cabinets.


Effective Organizing Solutions


About Us

Denise Davis has been organizing spaces around her for over 30 years. After leaving corporate America, she opened Effective Organizing Solutions (EOS) and has been helping people live chaos free by creating unique organizing systems based on one’s time and space style. Understanding how one interacts with time and space gives Denise the ability to design solutions that fit each individual…


We use an online assessment that our clients take prior to starting their project to establish their time and space style. This enables us to tailor a system to fit their unique style. After determining how they operate within these parameters, we build upon their natural behaviors as opposed to asking them to change who they are at the core. This ensures a strong foundation to maximize their success.


Goals and priorities aren’t necessarily the same thing. For example, you may think you need a home office, but you watch your grandchildren 4 days a week and don’t have a dedicated room for them to play in. Without preplanning, you might find your living room full of toys. That’s why we spend time upfront making sure we are headed down the correct path.


We work with you side-by-side implementing your new organizing project. We have different options to accomplish this based on your preference. Some people choose to work at regularly scheduled intervals, some like to work on their own in between appointments, while others prefer a combination of working virtually (via modern technology) and in person. Each method has its own unique advantages. We’ll find what fits you best.


Choosing to have an accountability plan after the project has been completed, substantially increases your chances of success. Choosing a 3, 6 or 9 month, or an annual plan, will help insure your places and spaces stay organized the way you want them to!

Small details make a big impression!