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"Being in a highly regulated industry creates demands that might not occur in all businesses. Occasionally the paperwork requirements increase enormously. I needed a larger office or more horizontal space. When I presented this dilemma to Denise Davis she tackled it methodically using the requirements that I put on the project. She did a phenomenal job of making my office look very professional and created even extra space. All was accomplished on what I consider a reasonable budget. It is without reservation that I would highly recommend Effective Organizing Solutions.  If you would like to see the project or just chat about what was conducted please feel free to call me."


  • ​New Business Set up
  • Home and Home Office set up & organizing
  • Employee Organization and hands on productivity development
  • E-clutter organization


After meeting with our clients in "their space", we work with them to prioritize their needs based on their desired outcome. We have checks & balances along the way to make sure we accomplish the goals.

Once the space has been completed and new systems have been put into place, we teach our clients to build on their new habits.  We follow up with them to encourage them and to help reinforce those habits.

While paper clutter on your desk makes it easier to see the need for organizing, "e-clutter" can cause even more problems.  We can assist you in electronic organizing on all your devices.

Determining our client's relationship with time and space assists us in customizing one of a kind systems to fit each individual.  Our clients complete an assessment prior to starting their project so we can tailor their system to fit their unique style.

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if you are exploring the possibility of hiring an organizer, ask if they are certified by the bcpo. 

        WE ARE!

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